Ready to lose weight for the last time?


You’ve been doing literally everything to lose these pesky menopausal pounds and at this point, let’s be honest — you’re a little desperate. You know it’s a mindset thing, but for reals… how do you change your mind?

Like this.

The Get Your Goal Mastermind group, led by certified life coach Pahla B, has the mindset tools you need to change your mind, change your body, and change your life.

When you join, you’ll be charged $129 and have access to all the materials and community inside. You will then be billed $129 per month for as long as you want to stay. You can cancel at any time.

Successful Weight Loss After Menopause — Meet Shirley!


I started with Pahla after I’d lost 30 lbs on my own. I was stuck and didn’t have the tools I needed to move forward. By following the principles in her weight loss program — The 5-0 Method — I was able to lose another 50 lbs, but I was stuck again. I knew that I needed to focus more on my mindset if I wanted to get the rest of the way to my goal, so I joined the Get your GOAL group. Now I’ve lost 115 lbs and I’m excited to see what other goals I can smash in the future. I am so grateful to Pahla and this group of talented women.

How the Get Your GOAL group works:

As soon as you join, you have access to the Get Your GOAL Formula, my proven goal-getting process. This serves as a roadmap for your goal journey, so you never feel lost, no matter where you are or how dark the road feels.

Explained within the framework of the GYG Formula, you’ll learn life-changing techniques for making difficult decisions, daily thought journaling, trusting yourself, observing your habits, and feeling through your feelings.

And once you’ve been exposed to the tools and concepts, you’re ready to put them into action!

What we do in the Get Your GOAL group:

Each month, we take a deep dive into a specific mindset topic, with real-time teaching and Q+A.

Weekly, we have group meetings (days and times vary, to be inclusive of my working and international GOALfriends as often as possible) where you can get coached by simply raising your virtual hand.

Once a month, we have a live, interactive journaling class, which also includes time for coaching. (Replays of all meetings are available in the group within 24 hours if you can’t attend live.)

Not only do you get all these opportunities to learn and grow, but there are friends to be made, too!

What it’s like inside the Get Your GOAL group:

Imagine hanging out with dozens of your fabulous, inspiring, and delightfully supportive friends as often as you like. (Don’t have women like this in your real life? You will when you’re inside the Get Your GOAL group!) The GYG community is integral to the teaching and coaching platform, rather than an optional “add on.” Joining the group does not require any social media, and the conversations inside are always insightful, helpful, and fun.

  • When you join, you have access to hundreds of hours of video coaching replay meetings (or you can listen to the audio replay via the private podcast channel)
  • Got a coaching question, and can’t make this week’s live meeting? Get your answer from “Ask the Coach,” a written thread where you’ll receive a prompt, personal response.
  • Enjoy peer coaching from other members who are Certified Goal Coaches
  • Get matched with a GOALfriend who can help you navigate the site, cheer on your successes, and offer a friendly connection while you get acquainted.
I am a long time Get Your Goal member. I am amazed at how much I learn about myself by managing my mind. I am successful with weight maintenance and the 5-0 Method as a self care routine. I am using GYG strategies to thrive in my outside sales career. The GYG experience can elevate your life, when you are ready!

— Amanda T.
I joined this group because I felt the Pahla B Facebook page/YouTube was so helpful and I reached my weight loss goal following the 5-0 Method. I knew I needed MORE tools and I found them here. Everyone that has participated has helped me immensely. For real. Every single one.

— Sheila H.
I was attracted by the videos; 20 minutes a day is so manageable. But I was hooked by the mindset work. I have used the 5-0 method to change beliefs about myself and about others and in the process I have lost weight, gained confidence, made connections, grew as a human and as a bonus, I am starting a business that was only a dream for years. I am immeasurably grateful to Pahla and the GYG group.

— Amy O.
I started with Pahla in 2017 after I lost 30lbs of the 115lbs I wanted to lose on my own. I was stuck and didn’t have the tools I needed to move forward. I joined the Killer B Hive and by following the principles in the 5-Oh method, I was able to lose a total of 85lbs, but I was stuck again. I knew that I needed to focus more on my mindset if I wanted to get the rest of the way to my goal, so I joined the Get your Goal group. I am super close to being done with weight loss and I’m excited to see what other goals I can smash in the future. I am so grateful to Pahla and this group of talented women.

— Shirley F.
When Pahla says the Get Your Goal group is interactive, she means it … emphasis on the active! And while Pahla doesn’t answer questions other places, she sure does here: the ‘ask the coach’ topic is a treasure trove. Plus there are the other GYGers … brilliant women whose journeys will teach you more about yourself than you can possibly imagine. No matter what your goal is, you belong in Get Your Goal.

— Lori O.
Change your mindset by observing three thoughts a day? Yes! This method works beyond expectations! I have loved the interaction with Pahla and the amazing group of women in the Get Your Goal group. I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible!

— Amy O.
I was a weight watcher for many years and lost a lot of weight…but always put it back on. Something was missing… turns out it was my mindset.. which Pahla has taught me how to manage how and that is the reason for my success.

— Pat K.
Like many I found Pahla through her videos on YouTube. I was intrigued by her message which led to listening to her podcasts and applying the 5-0 method. I started journaling and doing mindset work on my own and decided to join the Get Your Goal group. I have learned so much about myself, how our brains work, how our thoughts impact weight loss and more! This is the piece that has been missing for so many years and I am grateful to have found Pahla and this wonderful group!

— Chris C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Get Your GOAL group work for me?

Yes, the Get Your GOAL formula is a proven process that thousands of women have used successfully. The group is particularly effective when you show up, utilize the tools, and put in the work, and it’s even been known to change your life in other areas, too!

What if I can't come to the coaching calls?

The group is designed for busy women and I do my best to provide calls at different times of day. Additionally, all of the coaching calls (group and individual) are recorded and available to watch as replays, and there is a dedicated “ask the coach” section within the group for written answers to your questions.

What if I'd rather not participate in the group meetings?

My friend, there is still plenty for you here in the group! None of the meetings or sessions are mandatory, and there’s lots of written interaction to engage you with others if you’d prefer. Also, you might be surprised at how powerful it is to simply be in a group like this.

How can I ensure my privacy?

As a requirement to join the group, everybody signs a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not share other peoples’ details outside the group.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

You are welcome to join the group for as long or as short a time as meets your needs. The membership is month-to-month, and the content inside is all available to you from the moment you join.

I'm not working on a specific goal right now, but want to work on my mindset for other reasons. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Many members of the Get Your GOAL group are “between goals” and simply enjoying the process to develop self awareness.

About Pahla B

Helping you navigate this “mindset stuff” on your way to your goal weight or writing your novel or building your business or running a marathon (or anything else you want to achieve in your glorious post-menopausal life) is my zone of genius.

I’m the perfect blend of menopause expert, published author, fitness trainer, successful entrepreneur, and mindset ninja…who also happens to swear like a sailor.

I created the Get Your GOAL group for YOU. So when you’re ready, I’m totally ready – let’s go!