20 Minute Indoor WALKING + RUNNING with 30-Second Intervals | Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life

Originally aired November 21, 2017
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This great 20 minute INDOOR WALK + RUN workout is perfect for beginners, as we chat about getting in the BEST SHAPE of your life. What does that mean to you? And how motivating is it, really?

I think a lot of people start their fitness journey with a vague idea of what they want to look like, and lots of us use the phrase “best shape of your life” as though that’s a very solid, concrete thing.  It’s not!  And, oddly, that phrase (or something like it) might be the reason you’re struggling!

The words we use and the thoughts we allow in our heads shape our actions.  We think of this as “motivation,” and it’s important to use your thoughts in positive ways.  During this workout, I’m offering practical tips on goal-setting, and sharing some thought-provoking ideas about being in YOUR best shape.

20 Minute Indoor WALKING + RUNNING with 30-Second Intervals - Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life - Full Length Home Workout from Pahla B Fitness

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Warm Up:

Level TWO


20 minutes

My Stats:
1100 Steps
150 Calories Burned

Resources Mentioned:
KILLER B HIVE (private Facebook group): https://goo.gl/fqtMXU
Learn to RUN at HOME Comprehensive 12 Week Workout Program:  https://goo.gl/5JirwX

Interval timer is set for 30 seconds; feel free to use the intervals in the way that suits YOU best!


Cool Down:

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