How I’m Dealing with GAINING WEIGHT, 30 Minute (2 miles) WALKING Workout

Originally aired April 30, 2019
Killer Bs, today I'm sharing the (very) personal story of gaining some weight over the last couple of years and how I'm dealing with it.
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YAY, it’s the topic literally nobody wants to talk about: GAINING WEIGHT. But you know what? We’re talking about it anyway!

First, the FAST FACTS: Level TWO | WALKING workout | 2 miles, 4000 steps | BURNS 275 – 300 calories

Killer Bs, today I’m sharing the (very) personal story of gaining some weight over the last couple of years and how I’m dealing with it. (Quick warning: I talk – and cry – about death and menopause during this podcast, so feel free to click away if these topics aren’t a good fit for you today!)

During our conversation and the 2-mile walk that accompanies it, I reveal:

? The many factors that affected my weight gain – grief, menopause, empty nest syndrome, ultramarathon training and family stress

? The epiphany that changed EVERYTHING about how I feel about myself and my body

⚖️ What I’m doing (and not doing) about my weight

? The DAILY HABITS I practice to feel body positive, no matter how much I weigh

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