20 Minute One MILE Indoor WALK + RUN Workout | You Don’t Have to Eat HEALTHY FOOD to LOSE WEIGHT

Originally aired December 13, 2017
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We’re going for a 20 minute WALK + RUN today, Killer Bs, and talking about how you DON’T have to eat healthy foods to lose weight!

I know!  That sounds so counter-intuitive, but if you follow along with the workout and the conversation, I promise it’ll make more sense.

Here are some important things to know about healthy food and losing weight:

  • NUTRITION SCIENCE is still so (relatively) new, that we actually don’t know everything there is to know about what is healthy and what isn’t!
  • FOOD and OUR ENVIRONMENT are changing all the time
  • YOUR PERSONAL BIOLOGY is very personal and changes frequently
  • YOUR PREFERENCES matter, both mentally and physically
  • MEETING YOUR CALORIC NEEDS is the most critical factor in weight loss

It’s a complex and complicated topic, but together we can work through it.  And WALK through it!  🙂

20 Minute One MILE Indoor WALK + RUN Workout FREE Full Length Video on YouTube

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Generous WALKING intervals with quick bursts (30 seconds) of RUNNING (or jogging or wogging or faster walking – it’s up to you!) will get your heart pumping while the podcast topic gets your brain working.

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/lr-eW2tlZ4w

Warm Up:

Level TWO


20 minutes

Interval timer is set for 1:30 of WALKING and :30 of RUNNING, which you are totally welcome to do the other way around!

2000 steps
200 calories

WALK + RUN; repeat 🙂

Cool Down:

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