2 Mile INDOOR WALK + RUN | How to Stop STARTING OVER | 30 Minute WALKING Workout

Originally aired July 10, 2018
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Can I be honest with you? This fitness mindset podcast is actually for me this week! My dear Killer Bs, I am just as guilty (maybe even more so) as the next of us of getting part way to a big goal, fizzling out and then STARTING OVER. I know you do it, too, so let’s talk about it! And then – even better – let’s do something to stop this pattern!

Oh, yeah, and let’s go for a really refreshing, brisk TWO MILE INDOOR WALK + RUN while we’re at it! I’ve got the interval timer set for TWO MINUTES of walking and ONE MINUTE of running, which you can totally do the other way around.

2 Mile INDOOR WALK + RUN  How to Stop STARTING OVER  30 Minute WALKING Workout Let's RUN Podcast with Pahla B Podcast Cover

While we’re getting our sweat on, let’s chat about
? The REAL reason you feel like starting over. Hint: it’s not that you’re NOT making progress toward your goal.
? The many, many, MANY ways this self-sabotage might show up in your life.
? Three simple (but not necessarily EASY) steps you can take to STAY ON TARGET with your goals!

When you’re ready, I’m ready – Let’s RUN!

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Mentioned in this podcast:
30 Minute 2+ Miles INDOOR WALK + RUN Workout | Tracking PROGRESS Toward Your GOALS

Warm Up:

Level TWO


30 minutes

My Stats:
275 calories burned
3700 steps

Intervals are set for TWO MINUTES and ONE MINUTE

WALK + RUN, repeat 🙂


Cool Down:

Thanks for WALKING + RUNNING with me!


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