Struggling to lose weight after menopause?


Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Mindset Block Is Holding You Back

You can lose weight, even after menopause! But right now, there’s something holding you back. It’s not your age, it’s not your love affair with chocolate, and it’s not your hormones… it’s a mindset block.

Take this 2-minute quiz to reveal your hidden weight loss mindset block, how it’s showing up in your life, and the secret super power that will help you bust through your blocks and get to your goal weight.

What you’ll discover inside your results:

👉 The subconscious mindset block that’s stopping you from losing weight (including the sneaky ways it’s showing up without you knowing it!)

👉 The science-backed weight loss formula that puts mindset at the forefront, and helps you work with your menopausal body instead of against it.

👉 The unique strengths only you possess that guarantee your weight loss success (and the ways you’re probably ignoring this superpower!)

👉 The exact next steps to take (including a transformative journal prompt) to stop stalling out and start losing weight for the last time!

Hi, I’m Pahla B

Certified life coach, menopause mindset expert, author, podcaster, and former yo-yo dieter. I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world lose weight after menopause by uncovering their hidden mindset blocks and creating an unshakeable brain-body connection.

I’m a huge fan of the transformative power of mindset work because I’ve done it myself, while losing weight for the last time in my 50s.

After years of gaining and losing weight, all I really wanted was to feel like myself again… but I discovered how to feel even better

I’ve cracked the code on releasing old stories about your weight and your body, and I’m on a mission to help ambitious menopausal women like you get to (and stay at!) your goal weight.

Are you ready?