Hi, I’m Pahla B, and I gained weight from exercising too much and eating too little.

I mean, WTF, right? There I was, enjoying midlife while exercising for a living on my YouTube fitness channel and doing a little bit of ultramarathon running on the side, when suddenly – goodbye regular periods and hello ten extra pounds.

Menopause completely changed my body.

And believe me when I tell you that I was not on board with those changes! I fought it tooth and nail, trying to over-exercise and under-eat my way back to my old body. Weirdly, though (okay, it wasn’t weird at all, because… biology) Mother Nature won the fight.

But as soon as I stopped fighting against my body, and learned what she needed in this new stage of life, the weight dropped off like magic.

Or, rather, science.

Losing weight is different during menopause, but it’s not impossible.

You don’t just stop having periods when you go through menopause – behind the scenes, estrogen has been running the show for a lot of the body processes you’ve taken for granted, including everything that used to help you lose weight. No wonder it feels so hard now!

When you’ve been told your whole life that weight loss is the result of eating less and moving more, it’s completely counterintuitive to think that anything else could work.

That’s why mindset work is the secret sauce for losing weight over 50.

You don’t just wake up one day and stop believing that thing you’ve heard – “eat less and move more” – thousands of times in your life. There’s a process to unwinding and unlearning those old unhelpful thoughts. But you wanna hear the best news about that process?

Changing your thoughts about weight loss is a SUPERPOWER that’s built right into your brain! All you have to do is tap into it.

And teaching you how to do this is one of my superpowers.

It took me years to figure out how to stop resisting menopause, manage my changing hormones to find my healthy weight, and embrace my aging body. And now I’ve boiled it all down to a simple, repeatable process that I share in the Get Your GOAL group.

Ready to lose weight by using your brain?