Ep. 241: Pahla B’s BOOK CLUB Reads “The Kindness Method”

Originally aired June 19, 2022
This month we read “The Kindness Method,” by Shahroo Izadi and the conversation got lively as we chatted all about the author’s advice!
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Before you even watch this replay, I’m officially inviting you to the next LIVE Wellness Over 50 Book Club (in partnership with Chirp Audiobooks) event, because it’s going to be even more fun with YOU there! 💛 Head over to chirpbooks.com/pahla and press the “Follow” button to register for upcoming events, get access to previous month’s picks and new ones when they’re chosen, and to get notified when books are discounted.

This time around, we read/listened to “The Kindness Method,” by Shahroo Izadi and the conversation got lively as we chatted about the author’s self-help advice, listening to books with a “homework” component, and the practice of journaling on unlined paper.

My friends, I don’t read these books before choosing them for the book club, and that means there’s a fun element of surprise for us all at the LIVE events – will we like the book and find it useful? Who knows!  (Spoiler alert: this one was terrific.😄)

Enjoy the replay and share your thoughts about “The Kindness Method” with me on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram!


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