Ep. 63: How to LOVE YOURSELF

Originally aired February 7, 2021
Where are you in your journey of self-love ? This is the question we’re asking ourselves in today’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast.
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Where are you in your journey of self-love💗?  This is the question we’re asking ourselves in today’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast.

To be honest, I used to not really think about this topic. Or when I did, I used an archaic four-step process to gauge how I felt. But in time, I discovered🔬 that this process was actually pushing me in the opposite direction↘️ of where I wanted to go. 

Do you sometimes feel that SELF-LOVE is out of your reach too?

Today we’re chatting about how to LOVE YOURSELF, and there are plenty of real life examples, including lessons I’ve learned from training my dog Blossom and the time I crab-crawled🦀 down a steep hill (these stories are more related than you think!).

(Don’t wanna listen? Download the transcript here)

Are there things about yourself that you see as unlovable💔?  If so, today’s conversation may be just what you need to TURN THINGS AROUND. After all, your relationship with yourself serves as the foundation to your relationship with the world at large – and ultimately the RESULTS you get in it.

Join me now, and let’s talk about SELF-LOVE💙💚💛!

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