Ep. 56: Changing Your PAST

Originally aired December 20, 2020
Does changing your PAST sound like an impossible dream ? Killer Bs, I assure you, it’s not!
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Does changing your PAST sound like an impossible dream🛌?  Killer Bs, I assure you, it’s not!  You can CHANGE YOUR PAST without changing a single fact about what took place, and it’s easier that you might think!

Does changing your PAST sound like an impossible dream🛌?  Killer Bs, I assure you, it’s not!

Today, I’m sharing several stories📖 about my own past and how I was able to adopt a different way of thinking that CHANGED EVERYTHING for me. I’m getting personal with family stories that affected me profoundly for years and left me feeling like I had no value. 

But something happened that opened🚪 my mind, helped me CHANGE MY PAST and absolutely changed my future!💌

We’re chatting about:

  • Simple steps you can take to change your thinking about prior experiences
  • How to override subconscious programming in your mind
  • The ONE QUESTION you should ask yourself to change your own past and start feeling free

If you want to feel MORE POSITIVE👊 and EMPOWERED💪 – no matter how you currently view your past – this podcast is for you💗!  Let’s go!

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Do you have a past you’re ready to change?  Tell me about it!  Share your experience with me and your fellow Killer Bs!


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