Fast Weight Loss vs. Permanent Weight Loss

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Which would you rather: lose weight fast, or lose weight permanently? This is easy: FAST weight loss! No, wait. PERMANENT weight loss. Fast? Permanent? It’s so hard to choose! Well, hold onto your hat, GOALfriend, because they’re not mutually exclusive, and today I’m going to tell you how you can have BOTH.

First a disclaimer: when I’m saying fast weight loss, I’m not writing a snake oil check that biology can’t cash. Your body has limits to what it can and will do. For a woman over 50, “fast weight loss” means losing something in the neighborhood of 1-5 pounds a month, without starting and stopping over and over, or stalling out for weeks, months, or years at a time.

And permanent weight loss doesn’t mean you’ll never gain an ounce, but rather that you’ll maintain your weight within a range of about 5-10 pounds while – here’s the best part – never worrying about your weight again.

So our topic today answers the question: what can you do to put an end to self-sabotage, keep losing weight consistently, and ensure that you’ll get all the way to your goal weight without gaining it all right back?

In this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re taking an honest look at the roots of impatience that have you craving fast weight loss, and I’m sharing the super simple actions you can take that’ll make your weight loss both fast and permanent.


So which would you rather, lose weight fast or lose weight permanently? I mean, this one's easy. Right? You want fast weight loss. But wait. No. You actually want permanent weight loss. Right? But, also, I mean, fast weight loss, but permanent weight loss. I mean, it's so hard to choose between them. Well, my friends, hold on to your hat because they're not mutually exclusive. And today, I'm gonna tell you how you can have both. Listen. Anybody can help you lose weight after menopause by restricting yourself, and using willpower, but my zone of genius is helping you lose all the weight you want and keep it off forever by changing your mindset. Welcome to the get your goal podcast where ambitious menopausal women come to lose weight for the last time. I'm your host, Pahla B, certified life and weight loss coach, author of mind over menopause, and former yoyo dieter. When you are ready to change your mind about weight loss, I'm here to help. Let's get your goal. Okay, goal friend. Before we even get into it, let me clarify something here that I am not offering you some kind of, like, snake oil super fast weight loss opportunity here. In fact, okay. It's the 1st of the year, and if you are anything like me and you spend any time at all online, on social media, on, you know, Facebook or Instagram or TikTok, or if you are really like me, playing games like Candy Crush or Solitaire, which have all those in game ads, you have probably been completely and utterly inundated with advertisements that are telling you all kinds of ways you can lose weight super fast. There's this one ad, and I just Every time it comes on, I just I look up from my phone. I'm like, I don't wanna see this ad ever again, and I really wish particularly this one, I think it's I I think it's the solitaire game that I play on my phone. I have looked and there is no button where you can say, please never show me this ad again, or, in my opinion, even more importantly, no place where you can click and say, hey. By the way, this ad is 100% fraudulent, and they need to be reported to whatever is the online version of some kind of Internet Better Business Bureau. Is that even a thing? I'm saying this out loud, and I'm like, Is the Better Business Bureau for the Internet? Is that a thing where I could report this? In any event, there's this one Ad that I see all the time for weight loss gummies, and they're talking about how you don't have to exercise or diet at all. You just take this 1 gummy probably twice a day. This is how much I try really hard to look away from my phone when this ad is playing, but they show somebody who is allegedly the same person, like, 90 days later or 30 days later who has lost this enormous amount of weight, and it's very clearly a different person or very clearly, like, AI generated or some manner of photoshopped. It's just ridiculous what they claim. I think the one where they say, like, lost a 120 pounds in 90 days or lost eighty pounds in 30 days. Like, just so you know. And I know you know, but here I am on my soapbox, so I'm gonna go ahead and tell you anyways. That's just not how biology works. Like, that's literally not how a human body works at all. The ability to lose weight does actually have biological limits on it, and thank goodness. I know that maybe there are times when you're but I really do wanna lose weight fast. I totally get it, and we're gonna get to that. But your body has safeguards in place so that you can't lose weight too fast for your own good. You actually wouldn't want to. If your body truly responded to, you know, like, 2 days of eating significantly less than you normally do or doing significantly more exercise than you normally do. If it made those wild fluctuations that we sometimes think we wish it would, imagine how unstable All of your body processes would be. How actually fragile that would make you. Anytime you get frustrated or upset with your body and, again, we're gonna we're gonna get to it. I'm just I'm off on a left hand field here right now. Anytime you get frustrated or upset about, like, how slow your body seems to be responding, I would love for you to just take a moment and recognize How much of a miracle it is that your body behaves the way it does. Every single thing your body does is for a reason, and, like, 99.9% of them are to protect you and keep you alive. It's kind of amazing. Right? Because sometimes your brain would really like your body to behave in a very reckless manner, but your body, thank goodness, is much more concerned with your safety than that. So, you guys, while we get into it, because we are getting into it, let me actually just really quickly define for you what would be what I would consider, like, Fast weight loss very specifically for a woman over 50. Because here's the thing. When you were younger and your body was a lot more efficient with all of its processes, You could potentially have lost weight faster than you can now. Again, this is for your own safety. As you get older and your body is doing things differently and less efficiently than it used to, it's really just taking its time. It's being very careful with all of its processes, and it's trying to actually be as efficient as possible. I like to think about it. Well, I don't love to think about it this way, but I do still think that it's an important analogy to think about in your mind. Like, an older machine, like, for example, a classic car. We have have I ever told you this? That we have a classic car that has been in my mother's family since she was 18 years old. My grandparents bought a 1959 Ford Thunderbird, and they brought it home on my mother's birthday in 1960. So they were not quite the original owner. Somebody else had owned it for, like, a couple of months, and I have no idea why they returned it. Maybe they couldn't make the payments or whatever. So my grandparents were technically speaking the 2nd owners, but the 1st owner had only had it for a couple of months. And this car has been in my family since 1960. So it is actually currently being restored right now, and this sweet girl, oh my goodness, she needs a lot of loving, tender care. She needs a lot more gentleness and kindness and compassion and attention to the engine and the wiring and the brakes and the all the things that cars have. I'm not entirely a car person. But she needs so much more care than my brand new Toyota Sienna, which is the minivan that I am not currently sitting in. By the way, I'm in my living room today. You might be able to hear the difference. Everybody's gone from my house, and I'm like, hey. It's freezing cold outside. Why don't I go ahead and sit in my house on my couch instead of in my minivan. But the difference between these 2 engines is that one of them is new and more efficient, and one of them is older and less efficient. Your body is simply less efficient, which means that the things that it used to do fast, it can now still do, but at a slightly different rate. So fast weight loss for a woman over 50 is something in the neighborhood of losing, like, 1 to 5 pounds a month more or less consistently. Now here's the thing with weight loss. It's literally never a linear straight line down. It's not like you start at 1 weight and then you finish at another weight and you've never gone up or down in between. Your body is doing billions of processes a day, which means that your weight is fluctuating constant Lee. The loss of fat over time will look like your weight going up and down, but, again, over time will look like a more or less steady ish, more or less consistent loss of about One to 5 pounds, and that's fast. That is that is your machine operating at peak efficiency. Now I also wanna define for you, what I mean by permanent weight loss. Because I think this is another one that we have this idea in your mind. You might have an idea in your mind that you get to your goal weight and it's a number and you never budge from that number again. However, your body doing its billions of processes every single day all the time, and whatever goal you move on to after weight loss might also affect your goal weight. I love to give myself a goal weight range, and I highly encourage you to do the same thing. When I was younger, my goal weight range was about 5 pounds, meaning about 2 or maybe even 3 pounds up or down. As I've gotten older, my body is less efficient, and the goals that I am reaching for have a variety of, I'm gonna say, repercussions, meaning that as I'm gaining muscle, as I'm doing other things, my inflammation range is significantly greater than it used to be. The amount of time that it takes me to, like, reduce that inflammation and actually build muscle takes longer than it used to. So my fluctuation now, my current goal weight range is actually five pounds in either direction. Within that 5 pounds either direction, which is a 10 pound window, my clothes still fit. I still look, presumably, to other people more or less the same. I notice those tiny minute things like, oh, today my fingers feel a little puffy or my stomach is sticking out a little or something like that, but I guarantee that nobody else in the world is looking at me close enough to notice even the tiniest bit of that. For all intents and purposes, I look the same within that five pounds in either direction range. So when I'm talking about permanent weight loss, I'm actually not talking about staying at a number, I'm talking about something that feels so much better, and here it is. Not thinking diet thoughts. Here's how I know that I am maintaining. It's not because I step on the scale and, oh, my number is in the range. It's because I don't ever, ever think I need to lose weight. My weight is too high. My weight is a problem. I never think that ever. I look at the numbers on the scale, and I'm like, yep. There's my body, being my body. Even on the occasional occasions when I'm slightly outside the range in either direction, it does not occur to me that I need to lose weight, want to lose weight, have to lose weight, ought to lose weight. Nothing about weight loss. My weight is being maintained because my mind is not thinking about weight loss, which is, okay, technically untrue. I think about weight loss all the time. I think about weight loss far more than what I would consider the average person, but in a totally different way. The way that I think about weight loss is I am constantly rolling around in my mind, figuring out how to talk to you about weight loss so that you can enjoy the complete lack of thoughts that I have in my brain. So, my friend, here's why fast weight loss feels so appealing to you. And why those ridiculous ads in your candy crush game or on your TikTok feed or wherever you're seeing them, why they feel so appealing, and why you are so tempted to click that button that says get your 3 free bottles for the price of 1. This is just your brain being a brain. You have a human brain that is hardwired, that is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. This is the pleasure principle. This is where I This is where I start singing the Janet Jackson song, except I'm not gonna I'm not gonna regale you with that today. But here's the thing. Your brain currently, right now and all the time, is trying to seek pleasure and avoid pain. And right now, what this means for you is that your brain is associating your current weight and your current let's call them habits. The things that you're doing in order to lose weight, as pain. And it's further to that. It's associating your goal weight and not dieting, doing these dieting things as pleasure. And here's how this shows up for you in, like, your daily life. Your feelings of, like, frustration and impatience with your current weight, or your current dieting habits. That's showing you the pleasure principle at work. What you might notice is you might notice yourself, like, complaining about how you're doing everything to lose weight, but it's not working. You might notice yourself doing things like not weighing yourself or not wanting to weigh yourself, either not Tracking your calories or maybe tracking most of them, but, like, not all of them when you, you know, go off the rails or not tracking them every day or not tracking them very consistently or very accurately. You might also notice yourself not really planning ahead to make sure that you're meeting your calorie targets or your water targets or your bedtime target or your exercise target. You might find yourself kind of constantly doing things at the last minute, constantly making decisions about, Oh my gosh. I've gotta get this done so I can get to bed. Or, oh my gosh. I've gotta make sure that I, you know, stay up late in order to get my workout in. Or, oh my gosh. I have no idea what we're having for dinner tonight, and now I have to get something that doesn't fit in my calorie target. Like, not making a plan to meet your targets or not quite meeting your daily targets even if you've more or less planned ahead. Overall, especially at the end of the month when you are, you know, looking at all of your numbers and really calculating your consistency, you might notice that you're not being 100% consistent. And here's what I wanna point out to you about what you're noticing in your life, these are all actually avoidance activities instead of goal getting activities. Here's the truth of it. Every single thing that I just mentioned to you was all not. You are not tracking, not weighing, not planning, not quite meeting your targets, not quite being consistent. That's actually how you know that these are avoidance activities. When you are moving towards something pleasurable, when you are getting your goal, you're actually really laser focused, really pinpointed. You are doing a thing instead of not doing a thing. And so here's why it's really easy to see that the fast and permanent fix for weight loss actually lies in making sure that you're doing the first half of the pleasure principle, the thing that it's named for, seeking and finding pleasure. Right now, there's a very good chance. If you are noticing yourself really, like, yearning for fast weight loss. Really feeling that impatience, that frustration, really noticing yourself with these avoidance activities. What you're doing right now, the part of the pleasure principle that you're playing out right now is the avoidance of pain. And, my friend, this is really easy to turn around the other way. You simply seek and find. Because it's there. It's available to you. You find the pleasure in where you are right now and what you're doing right now. This is how you know that you are absolutely 100% on the fastest and most permanent weight loss track. Now I know that you might be thinking right now that you cannot possibly find the pleasure in where you are and what you're doing. But here's the thing. Of course you can. I mean, truly, this is, like, the crux of what we do here. This is what we talk about every single week on the Get Your Goal podcast. This is mindset work. It's leveraging the power of your brain to create feelings in your body that take you directly to the result that you wanna have in your life. Right now, your automatic and efficient brain is operating from the avoiding or avoiding pain side of the pleasure principle. But you as the observer of your brain, as the owner of your brain, as the manager and the CEO of your brain, you have the power to actually seek and find pleasure so that you can quickly and permanently get the weight loss that you want. This is exactly, exactly what I teach you with the 5-0 Method. I give you the standards. Like, okay. Here's the things to do, and, also, here's the mindset work to understand how your automatic and efficient brain right now is having you avoid pain. And then as you start to understand, okay. This is where I'm avoiding pain. This is where I'm avoiding pain. This is how I'm, you know, thinking currently right now automatically and efficiently with my unmanaged and unobserved brain, and this is how I can direct my brain so that I can get where I want to go. This is what we do in the get your goal group too. I mean, honestly, this is what we dig into in every coaching call, in all of the training in all of the community, every every question in Ask the Coach, every day while you're holding yourself accountable with the check-in accountability thread, you are noticing what you're saying to yourself currently about your current body and your current habits and recognizing that there's another way of thinking about it. This is why daily mindset work is the heart of the five o method and the get your goal group. And here's the thing. Here's where this will show up so beautifully in your life. When you start to, like, really observe and untangle, kinda like we talked about last week, like observing and then untangling and then setting yourself free. You observe that right this minute, you are more than likely operating from your automatic and efficient brain, and avoiding pain. But then when you start to untangle all the things that your brain thinks is painful and you start to seek and find pleasure in your current weight, your current habits, your current circumstances, every part of your life currently. My friend, you will never fall victim to those candy crush ads. You will look at those ads the same way I do. Like, this is biologically impossible. This isn't actually better than what I am doing, and not only do I not need to desperately seek out fast weight loss, I know for sure that I'm actually on the fast track. I can lose weight really consistently and steadily by thinking about it as a permanent solution, by seeking pleasure right now. Those ads, they're just tapping into your automatic and efficient brain. They're trying to create urgency, to avoid the pain, the deep dramatic pain of your current life. But your current life has pleasure for you when you are looking for it. And my friend, if you want help looking for and finding pleasure in your current life? Come and join the Get Your Goal group. This is what we do. I really, really hope that this one was helpful for you today. If nothing else, I hope it was helpful for you to look at those ads that you are seeing on your phone and on your computer and everywhere in your life right now, and really just recognize that they probably don't have the solution that you're looking for, that you can get both fast and permanent weight loss by using your brain. You guys, thank you so much for listening. I'll talk to you again next week. Hey. Thanks for listening all the way to the end of the podcast. My friend, there's no better time to lose weight, and there's no better way to do it than with the five o method, my free weight loss mindset guide for women over fifty. It's simple, sustainable, and backed by science. We start with your mindset because your body only goes where your brain goes first. This is the thing that's been missing from all those other weight loss programs you've tried. Download your free copy today at

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Originally aired January 18, 2024
Which would you rather: lose weight fast, or lose weight permanently? This is easy: FAST weight loss! No, wait. PERMANENT weight loss. Fast? Permanent? It’s so hard to choose! Well, hold onto your hat, GOALfriend, because they’re not mutually exclusive, and today I’m going to tell you how you can have BOTH.

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